Welcome to Flashlight Lab

Hello and welcome to my humble abode – A website devoted to truly testing the best flashlights on the market today and provide valuable insight to potential consumers and enthusiasts.

Who Am I?

My name is Tom Williams and I am the creator, designer, tester, and writer of all of the articles on this site. I have been an outdoor enthusiast most of my 34 years, and more recently have found an affection for designing websites. I live in the Southeastern United States and have done so for most of my life. I spent some time traveling after college out west, but have been back for about 10 years. This is a side gig for me, as I have a regular full time job which takes up most of my time. In my free time, I will be adding information and real reviews for all my readers.

What is Flashlight Lab?

One of the biggest pet peeves I have when searching for a review is when the reviewer has never actually used the product. This is very apparent in the field of flashlights and accessories. As simple search for “Best Tactical Flashlight” done on today’s date (9/7/2017) reveals 8 of the top 10 results are not first hand experience of the items they are reviewing. That is so frustrating. To combat this, I decided to make a website dedicated to real and truthful reviews, which would always be backed with a receipt and photos verify my use of the item.

Do We Really Buy all of the Flashlights?

You bet your bottom dollar we do. With every review that we complete, we include the receipt proving that purchase.

What Do You Do with the Flashlights after the Review?

Well that depends on the flashlight. If we like it, we usually keep it. If we have another favorite, another option, or no need – we sell them online. You can check out our eBay store here.

So take a moment and look around. Check out our reviews, article, comparisons and make sure to let us know any suggestions you may have!