Eastshine T25 Flashlight Review

Eastshine T25 Flashlight Review


In the few months I have been writing these reviews, I don’t think I’ve tested a flashlight as unique as the Eastshine T25. That uniqueness made it only a matter of time before it found its way onto my list. I finally broke down this month and bought the Eastshine T25 and below you will find my review.

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Anatomy of the Eastshine T25

The Eastshine T25 has a unique shape, similar to a pen light, but larger. It measures 5.5 inches from end to end and does not have an adjustable focus. It is unlike other tactical flashlights as its width is uniform down the entire body of the flashlight (most other models flare are the lens and tail caps to provide more grip and to allow for a larger lens). The width is a consistent 7/8 inch. It is a bit too long for any concealed carry in your pocket and would stick out above your waistband, so the included holster is recommended if you intend to EDC (everyday carry) this flashlight.
Eastshine T25
The weight is on the lighter side considering the small width. With a 18650 battery installed the total weight is 4.8 ounces. Most of that weight is a result of the thick aluminum alloy used in the design of the flashlight body and head. This improves the T25’s ability to be used as a weapon if swung at an opponent. A wack across the head with this flashlight would definitely make you see some stars.

The Eastshine T25 uses a single 18650 battery to power the 5w LED bulb. To estimate the battery life, I used a multimeter to measure the average amperage draw on high mode over a period of 30 seconds. The result was 1.7 amps. Using a 3000mAh battery (not included with flashlight), you can expect about 1 hour and 45 minutes of run time on a full charge.

The operation of the T25 is unique in that it uses two buttons to activate the three modes: low, mid, and high. The tail cap button turns the flashlight on and off while the button near the head of flashlight switches between the three modes. Eastshine calls this “Tactical” versus “Outdoor” mode. In tactical mode you set the light output you want with the handle button and then turn the light on and off using the tail cap button. In outdoor mode you turn the flashlight on with the tail cap button and then rotate through the modes with the handle button.

The body of the Eastshine T25 is very tough. In my drop test, the flashlight had very little damage from drops from 6 inches and 1 foot onto concrete. It is also IP67 rated so it can stand up to a limited amount of water and dirt. You can read about IP67 ratings here.

What You Get With The Eastshine T25

With a flashlight that costs just south of $50, you can expect certain luxuries. The Eastshine did not disappoint and included a few things I had not seen with other flashlights. I should caveat up front that a battery was not included with this kit. Luckily I have plenty but something that could have made the flashlight purchase even better, especially if you are a first time buyer. What is included however is a nylon belt holster, metal belt clip, carry strap, 2 each o-rings and a tactical ring that keeps the flashlight from rolling if laid down flat on a slanted surface.
Eastshine T25

The Light Tests

Like all of my reviews, I like to perform two tests that measure the light output of the Eastshine in most uses – the “light the path” test which shows close range effectiveness and the distance test which measure effectiveness at further ranges.

The “light the path” test did reasonably well considering the small size of the LED and lens, covering a total area of 18 sqft or 4 feet wide by 6 feet long. A bit lower than the average coverage I see which is around 30 sqft.
Eastshine T25 Review
Where the Eastshine really shines, pun intended, is in it’s distance usage which did extremely well. Considering this flashlight does not use an adjustable focus, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of distance. Similar models like the Ultrafire WF-502B have tainted my belief that a single focus flashlight can be as effective as one with an adjustable focus over long distances but the T25 proved me wrong. In my testing, I found the effective range to be about 100m with a very wide beam pattern. This meant A LOT of light downfield, and not just focused on one small object in the distance but the whole damn forest. The photo below shows me testing this flashlight at a distance of about 40 meters.
Eastshine T25 Review

The Final Verdict

I can say with confidence that the Eastshine T25 is one of my favorite flashlights I have reviewed so far. It may be a little to large for pocket carry but with the included holster it can be taken anywhere with ease. The battery life is respectable and the different switch features make it extremely versatile. The light output was one of the best I have seen over distance, making up for any deficiencies at close distance. Overall I am giving the Eastshine 9 to 10 starts out of 10!

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