PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight Review

PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight Review


This year I bought the Peakplus Tactical Flashlight after reading multiple great reviews online. I wanted to test and review this highly recommended flashlight and see whether it was worth all the hype. When I compared it to all of the other flashlights I own, the Peakplus really surprised me. You can see why below.

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    Light Output

  • 75%


Anatomy of the Peakplus

The Peakplus Tactical Flashlight is a member of the larger tactical flashlight group. It measures in at a total length of 5.25 inches long and extends to 6.13 inches when the adjustable focus is out. The 7/8″ focus length is right in line with other flashlights in this size group. The diameter is 1 inch wide around the handle and 1.25″ around the flashlight head making it still ideal for travel but not the best option for EDC pocket carry. The overall size is a bit larger than the average we saw.
Peakplus Adjustable Focus
The weight of the Peakplus is also a bit larger than the average (6.4 oz compared to the 5.23 oz average). Combine this with the overall length of the flashlight and the peakplus makes an effective defense tool.

The Peakplus came with two battery options – a battery tray for 3 AAAs and a 18650 battery. Most of the other tactical flashlight I reviewed under $20 did not include the 18650 battery, so it was nice to get one (as well as the charger) with the Peakplus. Also included is a battery sleeve for the 18650 battery that makes the battery fit snug inside of the larger diameter handle. With the 18650 installed, this flashlight pulled an average of 1.15 amps on high mode (dropped to about .95 amps with the 3 AAA batteries). With a 2000mAh battery, you can expect about 1.74 hours of run time at high and about 1 hour of run time with normal Alkaline batteries. Compared to flashlights in the same size group (Uoline and Urpower), the Peakplus faired a bit better with respect to overall run time.
Peakplus Flashlight Review
The Peakplus is made from Aluminum Alloy and feels really sturdy in your hand. I dropped flashlight a few times while testing (and trying to balance to take a few photos) and it held up to the abuse. The black powder coating is also strong and has shown no signs of use in about 3 months. The included carry strap is ideal for attaching to a backpack.

Light Tests

The Peakplus did about average with respect to the lighting tests I performed. The first test, light the path, faired about average with comparison to similar size flashlights but above the average for all the flashlights we reviewed. The overall ground coverage when the flashlight was held at waist height and aimed at 45 degree angle toward the ground was 47.12 sqft (or 6′ wide by 10′ long). This was actually the average coverage for similar flashlights like the Urpower, but was greater than the average of all our flashlights which is about 33 sqft.
Peakplus Light Output
The distance tests for the Peakplus also ended about where I expected compared to similar flashlights. The Peakplus has an effective distance of around 80 yards before the light becomes too dim and the beam too wide. I tested it at around 40 yards and the adjustable focus all the way out, and was pleased with the brightness. You can clearly see the two trees in the photo and the slight blue light helps highlight the edges of the trees. The distance is above average with respect to overall distance, making it ideal for tactical usage.
Peakplus Light

The Final Verdict

Over the last few months I have really enjoyed using the Peakplus as another flashlight in my collection. The uses are pretty limited considering the size and weight but the light output really makes it ide

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