Uoline Tactical Flashlight Review

Uoline Tactical Flashlight Review


Along with a bunch of other tactical flashlights, I bought the Uoline in 2017 to test and review. It comes with a litany of great reviews online but I needed to try it for myself. Below you will find my observations after using the Uoline for a few months.

  • 93%


  • 74%


  • 85%

    Light Output

  • 84%


Anatomy of the Uoline

The Uoline Flashlight is on the longer side with respect to tactical models I reviewed. It’s total length is 5.38″ long and extends to 6.25″ when the adjustable focus is out. The diameter of the handle is 1″ which tapers to 1.25″ around the head of the flashlight. It is tied for 2nd with the longest tactical flashlights we have reviewed under the $20.
Uoline Review
The total weight with 18650 battery installed is 6.7 ounces which is tied for first with the Ghost Vapor. The heavier weight is definitely noticeable when you compare the Uoline to more compact flashlights like the Hausbell 7w or J5 V1 Pro, however with that heavier weight you get more versatility as a weapon. With the included carry strap, you can swing this flashlight like no ones business and really do some damage to a would-be attacker.

The body of the flashlight is made of Aluminum alloy and is pretty thick compared to its competitors. It includes rubber seals at the lens and tail cap of the flashlight to keep it water tight, however the flashlight I received had a damaged seal which fell out after I put the first battery in. The powder coating is tough and resisted most scratching during my testing. I dropped it a few times from about 1-2 feet with only minor nicks.
Uoline Flashlight
The Uoline Tactical Flashlight comes from the manufacturer with a battery tray which fits 3 AAA batteries. Also included is a battery sleeve for usage with the 18650 rechargeable battery which helps it fit snug in the flashlight handle given the wide diameter I mentioned above. The Uoline did not include the rechargeable battery with my purchase however I have a few laying around for testing. On high mode, the Uoline pulled 1.16 amps from the 2000mAh niMh battery, similar to what I saw with other tactical flashlights of this size. This allowed for a run time of 1.72 hours with the 18650 battery, and .91 hours with the Alkaline AAA batteries. This was a bit shy of the class leading J5 Hyper V, but was still above the average.

The Uoline has 5 operation modes which includes high, mid, low, strobe and SOS. The three most common modes you see on tactical flashlights are high, low and strobe so it was nice to see the addition of the two less used modes. Mid and low beams were not used much during my testing, so I won’t comment much other than they were pretty big power savers. The strobe was very bright and would definitely deter an attacker if shined in the eyes. SOS is also a nice feature if stranded somewhere and need to get the attention of someone in the distance.

The Light Tests

The Uoline Flashlight fared well in the tests I normally perform during my reviews: Light the Path and Distance Tests. I set up a small measurement tool in my garage to see the coverage of the flashlight when used to light up a walking path. I held the flashlight at waist height (6’2″) and shined it at a 45 degree angle. The Uoline tied for the largest area of coverage at 60.48 sqft (7 feet wide x 11 feet long). This made it comparable to the Refun and the Ghost Vapor. Perfect for close quarters usage in a home or outside.
Uoline Flashlight Review
The distance test went about as I expected considering the size and power measurements I took above. When shined at a set of trees in my backyard, a distance of 40 yards, the Uoline did very well. With the adjustable focus pulled out, the flashlight clearly lit up the trees with enough light to see the definition of the trees and bark clearly. The max effective distance of my testing was about 80 yards which is plenty for most tactical usages. Outside of that range the beam was too dim.
Uoline Flashlight Review

The Final Verdict

The Uoline is up there with the better tactical flashlights I have reviewed compared to it’s low price. It is versatile, perfect for self defense, and still very bright. Overall I am giving the Uoline 8 to 9 stars out of 10.

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