Urpower Tactical Flashlight Review

Urpower Tactical Flashlight Review


This year, I found the Urpower Tactical Flashlight on Amazon while reviewing flashlights to add to my cheap collection. The Urpower came with great reviews and an even better price, so I bought it and put it through my normal testing process.

  • 80%


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  • 87%

    Light Output

  • 77%


Anatomy of the Urpower Flashlight

The Urpower Tactical Flashlight is a full size option with respect to multitude of flashlights I have reviewed. It measures in at 5.25 inches long and extends to 6.13 inches when the adjustable focus is out. The overall length is actually a bit shorter than the Urpower’s competitors which averaged about 6.25 inches of total length. The diameter is right in line with other flashlights at 1 inch around the handle which tapers up to 1.25 inches around the lens of the flashlight. The wider size provides more surface area to grip.
Urpower Review
The Urpower is also on the heavier end of the spectrum for flashlights I have reviewed. It weighs a total of 6.6 ounces with a 18650 battery installed, which is about 15% greater than the average weight I saw of about 5.25 ounces. The additional weight makes the Urpower a little more difficult for EDC carry but makes it a better option for self defense.

Included with my purchase was the flashlight, 3 AAA battery tray and a 18650 battery and tube. The battery tube is needed to make the 18650 battery fit in the handle without sliding from side to side. Using the 3 AAA batteries, the Urpower pulled a total of 1.09 amps. This bumped up to 1.33 amps when the 18650 rechargeable battery was used. The amperage draw was the second highest of the 13 best flashlights I reviewed under $20, behind the Refun E6. With higher power draw means lower battery life which was true in my tests. On high mode you can expect about 1.5 hours out of a 18650 battery and .75 hours out of the 3 AAA batteries. A bit lower than the average I saw comparing similar flashlights.
Urpower Flashlight Review
The Urpower comes from the factory with 5 operation modes built into the rear tail cap button. They include – high, mid, low, strobe and SOS. With the higher amperage draw on this battery, using the mid setting is actually a good idea because it is similar in brightness to other flashlights with the addition of more battery life. The high power also made the Strobe feature much more effective within close distances up to 20 yards.

It is built from high strength aluminum alloy and powder coated black to keep it from scratching in normal use. The lens and tail caps have o-rings to keep the flashlight water resistant but not totally waterproof.

It includes an easy carry strap for attaching the flashlight to your backpack or for freeing up a hand while carrying the Urpower on your wrist.

The Light Tests

With the higher power draw from the large LED included in the Urpower, I expected great results in my light tests. In the first test, “light the path”, the Urpower did very well. The total ground coverage was 47.12 sqft (6 feet wide by 10 feet long). This was a bit shy of some of the close competitors (Uoline and Refun) but still impressive nonetheless, especially when compared to the average test result of 33 sqft.
Urpower Flashlight Test
The distance also also fared well when compared to similar flashlights. The long flashlight head and adjustable focus kept a tight beam downrange which meant more light, further. In the photo below you can see a test I did at a distance of 40 yards. The trees are clearly visible and the bright beam easily highlighted the features of the trees including the bark. the overall effective distance of the Urpower is about 80 yards, which is up there with respect to all of the flashlights I have reviewed.
Urpower Flashlight Test

The Final Verdict

In the last few months I have really enjoyed using this flashlight around the house. While it’s size does not make it ideal for tactical EDC, its power usage makes it very effective over short and long distance and at the end of the day you want a flashlight that is bright. Overall, I am giving the Urpower a high 7 out of 10 stars.

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