Ecogear TK120 Flashlight Review

Ecogear TK120 Flashlight Review


In the summer of 2017 I bought the Ecogear TK120 to add to my collection of the best tactical flashlights under $50. I tested this flashlight over a month to check battery life, light output and how it held up to normal use. Below are the results of those tests.

  • 83%


  • 94%


  • 93%

    Light Output

  • 90%


Anatomy of the Ecogear TK120

When I first opened the box of my new Ecogear flashlight, I immediately knew the shape and design. It is almost identical in size to one of the best selling tactical flashlights on the market, the Solaray Pro ZX-1. The length is 5.25 inches and extends to 6.25 inches with the adjustable focus out. The width is 1 inch around the handle which flares out to 1.25 inches around the head/lens. About average size for the Litany of flashlights I have reviewed

The total weight with a 18650 battery installed was 6.5 ounces which was slightly above the weight of the Solaray. The included strap allows you to swing the Ecogear with a great amount of force, making it acceptable for self defense, however the lower weight compared to the Anker LC90 makes it less ideal.
Ecogear TK120 Review
The Ecogear TK120 uses either an 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery or 3 AAA alkaline batteries to power the LED. As usual, I tested the Ecogear on high mode to gather the average amperage draw over 30 seconds. This measurement was 1.07 amps. With this figure, and using the included 3000mAh batteries, I estimated a total run time of about 2 hours and 45 minutes with the 18650 battery or about an hour with the AAA batteries. The Ecogear package did include two 18650 batteries and the battery tray for the alkaline batteries, meaning you can easily switch them out when the battery runs low.

The Ecogear also works in similar function to the Solaray flashlight with 5 operation modes: High, Mid, Low, Strobe and SOS. They are activated using the tail button of the flashlight which is pretty solid and did not any issues during testing.

I performed a test drop from 1 foot onto concrete, and was pleased to find very little scratching to the body of the flashlight. The paint has held up nicely in the last few months with only a little wear.

What’s Included with the Ecogear

As with most flashlight in the $40-$50 price range, a little more is expected when it comes to accessories and function. The Ecogear came in a large box with some goodies to make it last longer and make t more portable. Included are two 3000mAh rechargeable batteries, battery tube, a 3 AAA battery tray, dual battery charger with 1.5′ cord, 2 extra o-rings, carry strap and operation manual. Buying these items individually would set you back about $30.
Ecogear TK120 Review

The Light Tests

The Ecogear TK120 did very well in our designed light output tests. The “light the path” test measures the light output of the flashlight when held at waist height and shined at a 45 degree angle to the ground, similar to how a person walking through the wood would use the flashlight. The Ecogear covered an area of 48 sqft or (6′ wide by 9′ long). That is about 50% better than the average ground coverage I’ve seen.
Ecogear TK120 Review
The distance test also faired well with an overall effective distance of about 100 yards. The photo below shows the Ecogear output with the adjustable focus out and facing a set of trees about 40 yards away. You can clearly see the details of the trees with significant light passing behind them too.
Ecogear TK120 Review

The Final Verdict

Overall the Ecogear TK120 did very well across the board in my review. The similarity to the Solaray are significant so it’s only fair that they be rated similarly too. Overall I am giving the Ecogear 9 stars out of 10.

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