Gold Armour Flashlight Review

Gold Armour Flashlight Review


In 2017 I bought the Gold Armour flashlight after seeing a lot of really favorable things on the internet. Over the next few months I tested the flashlight in preparation for this review, and you can see my findings below.

  • 89%


  • 86%


  • 65%

    Light Output

  • 80%


Anatomy of the Gold Armour Flashlight

The Gold Armour flashlight is what I would categorize as a semi-compact tactical flashlight given its size and weight. The total length measures in at 4.5 inches, with an adjustable focus extending that length to 4.88 inches. The width of the body is about .875 inches with the widest point of 1 inch around the head. The length and width measures smaller than our average flashlight but not quite small enough to be a compact tactical flashlight like the J5 V1 Pro or the Hausbell.

The weight of the Gold Armour is also lighter than most tactical flashlights at a total weight of 3.9 ounces with a 18650 rechargeable battery. It is balanced well with most of the weight within the handle which allows for easy carrying.
Gold Armour Flashlight
The Gold Armour is made of durable aluminum alloy and painted black. It includes rubber washers at the lens and the tail cap which keep it IP67 safe. The grip is relatively good but the narrow cross hatch doesn’t do as well in wet conditions.

The Gold Armour is designed for usage with a 18650 rechargeable NiMH battery. All other flashlights we tested that used this battery were also compatible with 3 AAA batteries, the Gold Armour does not have this function. Only the 18650 battery. On high mode, the Gold Armour draws .8 amps which is lowest power draw of any flashlight we tested that uses the 18650 battery. Low power draw usually means longer battery life, and the Gold Armour did not disappoint. It also held the longest battery life at about 2.5 hours of run time on high, which is about a 15% gain over it’s nearest competition (J5 Hyper V).
Gold Armour Flashlight Review
Like all of the tactical flashlights we reviewed, the Gold Armour uses a tail cap button which activates the 5 modes of operation – High, Mid, Low, Strobe and SOS. The button is easy to use and resets after about 10 seconds of no use. Strobe is very effective at ranges within about 10 yards and SOS is nifty when compared to a flashlight that last longer than most competitors.

The Gold Armour tactical flashlight also has a included belt clip which makes it more portable. With it being a semi-compact flashlight, it still fits easily in your pocket and can be used as a Everyday Carry (EDC).

The Light Tests

The Gold Armour uses less power than it’s competitors, and has a smaller head/lens. This resulted in a smaller ground cover during my “Light the Path” test. At waist height (6’2″) and held at a 45 degree angle to the ground, the Gold Armour covered an area of 18.85 sqft or 4′ wide by 6′ long. See the photo below. The average I saw across other tests was about 33 sqft.
Gold Armour Review
The Gold Armour fared better in the distance test compared to the compact flashlights grouping but a little less effective than the larger 18650 flashlights. This was partly caused by the lower power LED but also the short adjustable focus (only about 3/8″ extension). The photo below demonstrates the flashlights power at about 40 yards. The max effective distance in my testing was about 70 yards, plenty enough distance for normal usage.
Gold Armour Flashlight Test

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the Gold Armour is a versatile little tactical flashlight. Where is lacks in ground cover, it makes up in size and battery life. I am rating the Gold Armour an 8 out of 10 stars. Perfect for most tactical situations and will outlast its competitors.

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