Hausbell 7w Tactical Flashlight Review

Hausbell 7w Tactical Flashlight Review


During the summer of 2017 I bought and tested the Hausbell 7w tactical flashlight and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Details below you will see my journey as well as the critical things to know before testing this flashlight for yourself.

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The Anatomy of the Hausbell 7w

The Hausbell 7w is a nifty little tactical flashlight. It’s is the smallest of the tactical flashlights we have tested, measuring in at a dismal 3.63″ in length and .75″ in width around the body (the widest point was just under 1″). The compact size and use of just 1 AA battery meant the Hausbell would also be very light, and in fact was 20% lighter than the closest flashlight in its class at 2.8oz (J5 V1 Pro – 3.4oz). The average weight of the tactical flashlights we have reviewed is about 5.23oz, so you can see how light and versatile this flashlight really can be.

The Hausbell 7w uses a single AA battery (or 14500 rechargeable NiMH battery) to power the LED. Testing the flashlight on high power mode and a AA Alkaline battery, we measured a draw of .9amps. Given the higher voltage of the NiMH battery, that amperage draw drops considerably to only .375 amps on high, extending the life of the rechargeable battery. We estimate the battery life of the Hausbell at 1.17 hours using a normal AA battery and 5.33 hours using a 2000mAh 14500 battery.

Hausbell 7w Flashlight Review

Included are 3 operating modes – High, Low, and strobe. Low is considerably more dim than high mode and didn’t lend to many uses during my testing. The strobe was functional at relatively close distances and would blind an attacker at distances closer than about 10 yards. The on/off button is located on the tailcap and is easy to use with limited strength required to change modes.

The body of the flashlight is made of aluminum alloy and feels pretty strong compared to the weight. The metal is thinner than most flashlights which helps keep it compact but can make it easier to damage. In the 2 months of testing I only made one scratch on the Hausbell, with a few drops from 1-2 feet.

It includes a belt clip which is ideal for this size flashlight. It conceals well in your pocket and can stored easily next to your knife without feeling bulky. The belt clip is sturdy and holds the flashlight well onto your belt or pocket.

The Light Tests

Where the Hausbell 7w tactical flashlight loses any points is in the light output. After performing the same two tests, the path lighting and distance test, the Hausbell was effective for it’s size but did not compare to the others. In the ground cover testing, the Hausbell covered an area of 9.42 sqft which was the lowest. This was an effective area of 3′ wide by 4′ long when held at a 45 degree angle to the ground at waist height (6’2″ male). Comparatively, this came up short compared to other flashlights in the same compact size group like the J5 V1 Pro.
Hausbell Flashlight
The distance test did about as well as I was expecting considering the small size and limited power supply. The Hausbell has a relatively short adjustable focus which limits the amount of distance but also keeps the flashlight more compact. In my test at about 40 yards, the beam was still tight but a bit dim. The maximum distance which I could still reasonably see items in the beam was about 50 yards which is not bad considering the size of the components.
Hausbell 7w Test

The Overall Verdict

The Hausbell 7w definitely holds it’s place in the market of mini tactical flashlights and after my testing, I know why. It is compact, lightweight, yet powerful for its small size. Overall, I am giving this flashlight a 7 to 8 out of 10.

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