ICoostor T6 Tactical Flashlight Review

ICoostor T6 Tactical Flashlight Review


The iCoostor T6 is one of the best selling and low cost tactical flashlights on the market today. I bought it this year to test all those great reviews and see where it ranks amongst my other flashlights.

  • 81%


  • 75%


  • 68%

    Light Output

  • 74%


Anatomy of the iCoostor T6

The iCoostor T6 is one of the larger tactical flashlights I have purchased and is similar is size to the Uoline or Urpower. It measures in at 5.25 inches and extends out to 6 inches with the adjustable focus used. The width at the handle is right at an inch and this flares out to 1.25 inches around the head. The size is not ideal for EDC carry since it’s a bit too big for your pocket (too bulky and too long) but is ideal for self defense.
iCoostor Review
The overall weight with a 18650 battery is lower than other similar flashlights at 5.7 ounces. While heavy compared to our average of 5 ounces, the iCoostor is still lighter than the Refun or the Ghost Vapor, making it easier to carry but worse for self defense.

The iCoostor comes with a battery tray which fits three AAA batteries, but is also compatible with a 18650 battery (if you have an extra battery sleeve). The 18650 battery is not included with the iCoostor so you will need to bring your own. I tested the flashlight on high mode with my multimeter and measured a total amperage of 1 amp. With the 3 AAA battery option, the iCoostor only pulled .82 amps. With a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, you can expect about 2 hours of run time on high. This is cut to about 1.16 hours if you opt to use the AAA batteries. The lower power draw compared to the Refun or the Uoline means longer run time, with the iCoostor close to the top for run time in our tests.
The flashlight uses a tail cap button to activate it’s 5 modes of operation in the following sequence – high, mid, low, strobe, SOS. The button is easy to use and resets to high after about 10 seconds of no usage. From my other reviews you can see that I am a fan of 5 mode flashlights, not so much because of the lower power options, but the addition of the SOS mode. One less thing to worry about if you get stranded.

The iCoostor T6 is a pretty solid flashlight with a sturdy aluminum alloy body. The powder coating is tough and held up to my drop tests at 1 and 2 feet with only a few scratches. Also included is a 6″ carry stray which allows you to hang the flashlight on your wrist and free up a hand, or to carry with a backpack.

The Light Tests

The iCoostor T6 did pretty well in my tests compared to the average flashlight I have reviewed on this site, but came up a bit short compared to flashlights that are in the same size class. In the “light the path” test, the iCoostor covered an area of 31.48 sqft (5 feet wide by 8 feet long). This is with me holding the flashlight at waist height and at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Similar size flashlights like the Uoline or the Ghost Vapor beat this coverage by 20+ sqft.
iCoostor T6 Review
The distance test went as expected. With the lower power draw, the light output it usually lower. This can be countered by effective light disbursement and an adjustable focus. The photo below shows the iCoostor at a range of 40 yards. The max effective distance of my testing was about 70 yards. Objects beyond this distance were dim and difficult to see details.
iCoostor T6 Distance

The Final Verdict

After about 3 months of use, on and off around the house (pun intended), the iCoostor T6 has definitely proven to be a good flashlight. While it lacks in the power output of some of the competitors, the lower weight and longer run time are a nice plus. Overall, I am giving this flashlight a low 7 out of 10 stars.

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