J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight Review

J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight Review


During the summer of 2017 I bought the J5 Hyper V to test and review along side my small arsenal of other tactical flashlights. After about a month and a half of use, the Hyper V has proven itself as the big brother to the V1 Pro and a versatile tactical flashlight.

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    Light Output

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Anatomy of the J5 Hyper V

The J5 Hyper V is the the largest flashlight in the J5 catalog. If you’ve read my other posts, then you would recognize the Hyper V as it is very similar to its little brother, the V1 Pro. It measures in at 4.63 inches long and extends to 4.88″ with the adjustable focus. This was the shortest throw of the adjustable flashlights we reviewed. It is 1″ wide around the body with the largest point measuring 1.3″ around the head.
J5 Hyper V Review
The Hyper V weighs a total of 4.6 ounces with a 18650 battery installed. This is below our test average of 5.3 ounces, but the shorter length makes it feel heavier in your hand.

The body is made of aluminum alloy and has a crosshatched design to increase grip. In my test drop from about 2 feet, the Hyper V has no damage to the paint or chipping.

The J5 Hyper V includes a battery tray which fits 3 AAA batteries. It can also be powered by a 18650 NiMH rechargeable battery, however it will need a battery sleeve to fit correctly and will need to be purchased separately. The Hyper V draws about .9 amps with a 3.7v 18650 battery and .75 amps with the included 4.5v battery tray. With standard AAA batteries you can expect about 1.42 hours of runtime at full power and with a 2000mAh NiMH, 2.2 hours of runtime. The lower amperage draw did create a longer runtime in comparison to its peers, with about a 17% advantage (about 25 minutes).
J5 Hyper V Review
This flashlight uses a red tail button switch to activate the 3 modes of operation – High, Low, Strobe. High is clearly the brightest mode, with low significantly reducing the light output. Strobe is effective given the high output of this flashlight and can easily distract a potential attacker or make your location known.

Included is a belt clip made of sturdy steel that does not flex easily making it ideal for tactical carry. The body is larger than the V1 Pro so it is not as easily concealed in a pocket.

The Light Tests

For its size, the J5 Hyper V actually did a bit worse in short distance than I expected. For my normal “light the path” test, the Hyper V covered a total area of 9.42 sqft or 3ft wide by 4ft long. I’m 6’1″, so your results may vary based on the height you hold the flashlight. With that being said, the Hyper V covered a smaller area compared to the other models I tested of similar size.
J5 Hyper V Review
The Hyper V faired much better in the distance testing as I expected out of a higher watt led, larger lens and not to mention more power. It’s effective distance is about 90 yards which is about 20 yards above the average for all the flashlights I reviewed. In the test photo below, you can see the brightness of the of the Hyper V at about 40 yards.
J5 Hyper V Review

The Final Verdict

After about a month of use, the J5 Hyper V lived up to most of my expectations, with exception of the beam width at close distance. It is very bright, weighted effectively, and is very reasonably priced. Overall, the Hyper V gets a 7 to 8 stars out of 10.

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