Ultrafire WF-502b Flashlight Review

Ultrafire WF-502b Flashlight Review


In 2016 I bought the Ultrafire Wf-502b with the intent testing it against some other flashlights I owned. The versatility and reliability of this flashlight has made it one of my favorite, and even prompted me to buy a few more for around the house. After 1.5 years, its about time for a Ultrafire Wf-502B review!

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Anatomy of the Ultrafire Wf-502b

The Ultrafire Wf-502b is your everyday tactical flashlight with a bit of a twist compared to the other flashlights we have used and reviewed. In terms of size, it is right in line with the average of the flashlights we reviewed. It’s length is 5″ and does not have an adjustable focus. The handle is .75″ in diameter and the lens is 1″. Fits easily in your pocket and is long enough that it can be easily pulled out without having to dig around.

The weight with the battery installed is 5 ounces, which is about 1 ounce less than our average. It feels heavy in your hand which makes it firm enough to use as a weapon if needed. It is also light enough however to be easily carried and concealed.

The WF-502b is cast from aluminum making it light but also strong. The flashlight has plenty of grip which is created by the 3 crosshatched non-slip zones at the head, body and tail cap. It comes in only one color, black, and in over 1.5 years mine has not chipped, cracked or blemished.

WF-502B Review

The Ultrafire uses a 18650 battery (not typically included) to power the led bulb. The 18650 is a rechargeable battery which in some modes is comparative to 3 AAA batteries. The battery I used with my testing is a 2000maH model from Ultrafire. During the amperage test the Ultrafire pulled .1.27 amps in high mode. Using a 2000maH battery should net you about 1.6 hours of use before recharging. Using mid or low can extend the life to close to 5 hours. I have recharged this battery once in a year and a half with normal usage.

It is operated using the tail push button which has 5 modes – high, mid, low, strobe and sos. The mid, low, strobe and SOS modes do not come from the factory on most flashlights however Ultrafire decided to use them in this model. The tail cap and head include a rubber seal to keep water and debris from entering the flashlight, however I have not dropped it in any water to see how effective it is.

WF-502B Review

There is also a metal belt clip which fastens at the tail cap of the flashlight. This keeps it higher on your hip and easier to grab. It also works well when positioned in your pocket because it sits lower and out of the way. The clip is strong and has yet to bend or lose any spring in a year and half.

The Light Tests

The Ultrafire WF-502B is a bit different that most of the flashlights we have reviewed recently in that it only has one focus setting. No adjustment needed when you go from using this flashlight to light your path to seeing far off in the distance. This is created by the two focus lens which creates a central focal point as well as a wide flood beam (which you can see in the photos).

In our walking path test, the WF-502B is effective at creating a wide beam pattern, making it easy to see hazards directly in front of you. Measured at hip height of a 6′ 2″ adult, and at a 45 degree angle, this Ultrafire model created a 4′ wide and 6′ long beam. You can see in the photo the central focus of the beam which hits the center mark. The light as you go out from this point diminishes pretty quickly, making it not ideal for super close usage.
Ultrafire Wf-502b light
The distance test proved interesting as well. The WF-502B does not have the sliding focus, meaning you cannot manually adjust for distance. The central focus I discussed above comes into play when using the flashlight over longer distances. The set up of the flood beam helps create a halo effect around the central beam, providing additional light around the object you are illuminating in the distance. Very comparable to the Outlite 501b in terms of output. The effective distance of this flashlight was around 50 meters, which is shorter than others, but still useful for most applications.
Ultrafire Wf-502b Review

The Final Conclusion

At the end of the day, I really liked the Ultrafire WF-502B flashlight and have enjoyed it being in my arsenal for the last year plus. It is ideal for more tactical uses like mounted to a firearm, self defense or police use, but would still be effective for most users. Much simpler operation than most of it’s peers, and with 5 modes for versatile operation. Overall I am rating this flashlight between a 7 and 8 out of 10.

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